It’s no secret Abbi Merriss is one of the best chefs in the Midwest. So naturally, Bluebeard is one of the best restaurants in the Midwest. Bluebeard’s menu is fiercely seasonal. Salads are so fresh, your heart will hammer with delight upon first bite (case in point: a man seated at a nearby table shoved a fistful of Endive into his mouth, called his brother, and said, “I’m at Bluebeard. It’s damn good. Get over here.”).

Bluebeard’s menu shifts and sways daily. So it’s updated. And it’s re-printed (with minor tweaks and the occasional major change). The point? To keep farmers in focus, to poetically render their of-the-moment wins into meals. Try the Beet salad or opt for the Octopus. Save room for Bluebeard’s light and airy bread pudding (trust me, it’s worth it).

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