Amelia's Bakery

Amelia’s is a production bakery that specializes in hearth baked bread in the Italian tradition. We bake fresh bread every morning for use in our restaurant Bluebeard and for sale at our lunch counter. After we bake our orders for the day we mix, divide, and then handshape each of our loaves and allow them to undergo a long, cool fermentation overnight in order to develop a depth of flavor unlike a commercially yeasted bread.

Find Amelia’s bread on the menu at:  Goose the Market, The Libertine, Recess, Black Market, Duos, The Legend, Marriott East, Thirsty Scholar, Foundry Provisions, Ball & Biscuit, Bluebeard, The Loft at Trader’s Point, Shoefly, The Garden Table, Twenty Tap, St. Elmo, Soupremacy, Columbia Club, 3 Carrots, Taxman Brewing, Cobblestone Grill, Milktooth, Thunderbird.

Find Amelia’s bread for sale at:  Goose the Market, Bluebeard, Nicole Taylor’s, Pogue’s Run Grocer, Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market, Binford Farmer’s Market, Original Farmer’s Market @ City Market, Winter Market @ City Market, Green Bean Delivery


653 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana
Telephone: 317.686.1580

Directions and Parking

Bluebeard patrons no longer have access to the parking lot across the street, but street parking is still available. We also encourage patrons to utilize Indy's new bike share program, of which there are a couple hubs within a block of our establishment. To ease the parking situation, please consider parking throughout town, where available, and biking over.

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