Local Vendors

Growing Places Indy- Growing Places Indy is a non-profit urban farming operation with three micro-farm sites in downtown Indianapolis (White River State Park, Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center and Cottage Home Neighborhood) adding up to about ¼ acre in growing space. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to Grow Well, Eat Well, Live Well and Be Well and in addition to our farming operation, we run educational programs. Our foundation program is a 10-week summer apprenticeship program in urban farming, sustainable living and community-based food systems.

Full Hand Farm Full Hand Farm is a diversified vegetable farm 25 miles east of Indianapolis. Genesis and Eli are a farming couple returning to our Hoosier roots after almost a decade away. Their  initial 1 acre of production is generously offered by Eli’s dad, who is himself sustainably raising pastured pork, lamb, and poultry on the adjoining 9 acres.

Big City Farms Big City Farms converts vacant urban lots to vegetable and fruit producing gardens. We are currently farming eleven lots on the near east side of Indianapolis.

FarmIndy is a gateway to transforming the way we grow and share food together. We are striving to change how our community thinks of land, food and people because we see it all as interrelated. As producers of food and eaters of food the responsibility lies with us, and with you. We’re not just sustainable farmers; we’re your neighbors who are working to build a vital, strong, wholesome food future and a lasting sense of community that we can all share. The journey of our farm has just begun; however, it has taken many years to get to this point.

Smoking Goose Meatery produces handcrafted, flavor packed protein treats. From their Indianapolis meat locker, they make both traditional and unique carnivorous concoctions including slow cured and smoked meats, salumi and fresh sausages.  They only cure and smoke the meat from healthy animals raised on independent Indiana farms by people who care as much about the well-being of the animals and the land as they do their own families. By taking the time to use traditional methods like seam butchering each animal, hand tying every piece, and curing without additional compound nitrates, they tend to every product with the same mindset: respect nature, honor tradition, and get hungry.

South Circle Farm grows fresh, healthy food using organic methods– just 2 miles south of downtown.

Crossroad Vintners sources wine and spirits from small to medium size producers and importers who share a similar commitment to quality and passion for the industry.

Gunthorp Farms provides sustainable pasture-raised chicken, pork, duck & turkey. They have their own USDA inspected processing plant on the farm.

Fischer Farm raises premium, natural beef and pork with only young Angus cattle that are fed an all vegetarian diet of grain and high quality grasses. All excess fat is trimmed for a lean healthy meat. The beef is aged for 14 days. Fischer Farms Natural Beef and Pork is hormone free and antibiotic free. Hormones are used as a standard practice in the beef industry to promote fast growth in the cattle. Their cattle and hogs are raised and processed in Southern Indiana.

Trader’s Point Creamery  Traders Point Creamery is a family owned artisan dairy farm located in Zionsville, Indiana. They started making dairy products, selling direct to customers, and delivering in the central Indiana region in the summer of 2003. Their herd of Brown Swiss spend all of their time on pastures and we milk 60 to 90 cows each day throughout the year. Our farm is Certified Organic by the USDA. Additionally, they purchase milk from similar sized local farms who share in our organic, 100% Grassfed beliefs. As certified organic milk producers you can be assured that they never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on their  land and their cows never receive antibiotics or synthetic hormones. They produce pure, fresh, creamline whole milk, chocolate milk, plain, and fruit yogurts. Their cheese offerings include 3 flavors of Fromage Blanc, cottage cheese, and our raw milk natural rind aged cheese “Fleur de la Terre.” They believe in “nourishing the land that nourishes us all.” This means preserving the family farm and continuing their grandparents’ legacy of sensible, sustainable, low-input agriculture.